Geniuses and Millionaires: $1,000,000 Lessons

$1,000,000 Lessons
AuthorChuck M. Uyeda aka Dr. Om, World’s Greatest Psychic
chuck-bookThe author’s quest is to help ten million people become millionaires and millions more to achieve success and happiness. It was written for students but the knowledge shared is applicable to all ages. He predicted over forty years ago that he would write this book.

The book shares the habits and thoughts of the world’s greatest leaders, achievers, inventors, and scholars. It is a guide to develop positive mental, personal, academic, work, social, hygiene, and interpersonal habits.

Warning: Please do not purchase this book if you are unwilling to spend one hour each day in self-improvement. The book’s shared knowledge will change your life if you are willing to study, work, and adopt positive habits using the book as a guide.

The author discovered that most readers skim through the book. He uses repetition to emphasize important lessons. Repetition is a technique used by parents and educators in developing their children and students’ character, minds, and behavior.

Chuck M. Uyeda, aka Dr. Om, World’s Greatest Psychic, was born with extraordinary mental powers. He sees the world with a different eye. He is one of the world’s most interesting people.

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