Geniuses and Millionaires: $1,000,000 Lessons

TitleGENIUSES AND MILLIONAIRES (click to order book on Amazon)
$1,000,000 Lessons
Thoughts      Habits      Behavior      Attitude
Author:  Chuck M. Uyeda (click for information about the author)
aka Dr. Om, The Sage

Book’s price: $9.99   E-book sold by AMAZON in over 200 countries – Press link to Amazon

The habits of geniuses and millionaires revealed. Reasons why parents, teachers, business people, and elementary, high school, and college students should read GENIUSES AND MILLIONAIRES:

  • The book encourages the development of positive academic, personal, social, physical, mental, and work habits.
  • The goal is to develop intelligent, ethical, and compassionate human beings who will lead their countries and the world in the 21st century.
  •  Genius and Millionaires will develop the mental habits of geniuses.
  • The book teaches the readers how to think and work like the world’s most successful people. The goal is to help 10 million people become millionaires.
  • It discusses dozens of business and investment ideas for students who are entrepreneurial with ambition to become successful and affluent.
  • It will teach how to study and pass standardize, college entrance, professional license, and certification examinations.
  • The discipline of investing a million dollars in stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, and gold each year will teach students how to invest.
  • The book teaches students the habits needed to be an exceptional worker, student, human being, and business owner.

Readers’ Comments:

  • A book parents, students, teachers, business people, and governmental officials should read. Your ability to convey your wisdom and knowledge in simple to understand language is admirable. S. H. Hasegawa, USA.
  • A simple, yet powerful message that can be adapted by people around the world. I am recommending this book to my friends and associates. D. L. Bulliment, USA

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