CMU Hawaii Designs

CMU International’s marketplace will open soon.

CMU International’s original artworks and designs on t-shirts that provoke thousands of positive comments, smiles, and friendly greetings. Please share your videos of people’s reactions when wearing the shirts at sporting events, shopping centers, and social gatherings. Your video will have a worldwide audience.

1001 Jesus – The Blessing  Sold exclusively by CMU International. All paintings of Jesus, Buddha, and religious icons of the past are interpretations. This painting of Jesus was a quest to reveal His compassion, love, and power to heal and elevate people’s consciousness and lives. His eyes look at each viewer blessing them. 

1002 USA Flag  Sold exclusively by CMU International. The USA flag represents the highest ideals of living as a human being and world’s citizens. Buy and wear it proudly. Thousands of people  will honor your patriotism with friendly smiles and greetings.